After 5 years... They're back.

In 2003 I started SpearHead Comics, and the first comic I did for that site was "The Roommate". It was very rough at first and my inabilities as an artist were very apparent. For the most part I was borrowing very heavily from the art in other comics to suit my needs.

I soon started attending the Art Institute of California-San Francisco, and began learning the tools needed to grow as an artist and soon those flaws in the earlier comics began to bother me. Needless to say I took them down and shut the first site down. Through school and other projects "The Roommate" fell to he wayside until the latter half of 2008.

I felt it was time to dig it up, reinvent the characters and the style. (One of them had this unnatural "Goku" style hair that limited things.) Instead of doing what I was going to do which was simply re-post the old content and then eventually post new material, I decided to start fresh. I re-created the very first comic in the new style. So I hope you all enjoy the things to come, it's been a long time coming.


The Roommate is back!