From the desk of.... Some updates and Thanks.

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

Firstly I want to thank everyone who watched and commented on Episode 2 of The Woody Show Animated

After the holidays I will get to work on Episode 3. I will have an announcment regarding that on January 9th. After Episode 3 comes out I will take some time to work on another "Fun with Guns" cartoon before starting Episode 4.

Second. We've made some changes to the site here. Check out the brand new "SpearHead Comics" section next week when we re-debut (and for most of you, debut for the first time) SpearHead Comics' "classics" The Roommate, Fun with Guns, and Vocal Patternz.

Alot of "fun" stuff is coming up in 2009. I'll keep you posted as stuff happens.


Stay tuned.

[ Chris ]


P.S.... Could this be the next Episode?..... We'll see.